2021 Holiday Gift Guide

With the holiday season upon us, shoppers are busy choosing gifts for their loved ones. Although 2021 has been a busy year, slow down and take time to pick the perfect gift for the special people in your life. 

Whether they have been naughty or nice, a piece of jewelry is always a great gift option. If you’re not sure what to get them, we have some ideas to help you make your decision.



Emerald Necklace: They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but don’t sleep on emeralds. Add one of the classic Christmas colors to the jewelry box this holiday season.


Vintage Style Earrings: Sleek, elegant and sparkly — you can never go wrong with a pair of drop diamond earrings. Perfect for a fancy holiday party or a glass of mulled wine by the fire, these earrings are great for any occasion. 


Stylish Bracelet: Does she love a pop of color? This Luca bracelet is the answer.


Engagement ring: The best way to show your love? A diamond (or sapphire) that lasts forever. 




Mont Blanc Pen: Everyone should have a good, non-plastic pen for the big moments like signing a new deal or a birthday card and everything in between. This classic Mont Blanc is sure to impress. 


Patriots Pin: Is he a Boston sports fan through and through? A Patriots pin is essential for when you can’t wear a jersey to work.


Longines Watch: Ditch the Apple Watch this season and go for a classic Longines watch instead.


Looking for more? Browse our website or visit our store for other great suggestions! And remember, whatever you end up buying, it’s the thought that counts!