Cold Weather, Warm Gems

November is here and the chill of winter is setting in. While the air is crisp and you may start to see your breath in the morning — the November birthstones, citrine and topaz, bring warmth to anyone who wears them. 


How to Style 

Known as the “light maker,” the Citrine’s aura shines when it is paired with gold. These vibrant shades combine favorability with almost every color and will brighten and energize your wardrobe. This shiny and alluring stone also purely coordinates with the hues of Fall.

Topaz comes in many different hues, but the most valuable and coveted shade of topaz is the deep orange with pink undertones called Imperial topaz. For wearers who shy away from extremely vibrant colors, the caramel tone of Imperial topaz can add a more neutral sparkle to any outfit. 



Citrine’s name comes from the Latin root for “lemon,” this golden gem has been thought to bring happiness, health, energy, and prosperity. 

Known as the “lover of gold,” topaz is thought to deliver good fortune and wealth to the person who wears it. This favored gem also symbolizes love and affection, and is said to bestow strength and intelligence.