Giuliana, Ben and Ranger: A Happily Ever After

For Giuliana and Ben, shared interests and experiences made for an easy first conversation at a company brunch at the Hampshire House in Beacon Hill.  They had both worked as high school teachers, both attended the same business school, and now Ben was being welcomed to Bain & Company by Giuliana.  They did not know it at the time, but this conversation was the initial step on the path to a life together.

Their office romance turned into a long-distance romance when Ben returned to business school for his final year.  Through frequent trips to visit each other and shared vacations over the year, their relationship grew.  When Ben moved back to Boston, they were inseparable.  They bought a dog and moved in together within six months of his return.

The Paw-posal

A few years after their first encounter (and this time with some planning) Ben created another meaningful day at Hampshire House.

Giuliana knew she was in for a surprise when Ben asked her to meet him where they met.  This time, she was greeted by their dog, Ranger, holding a note. Before she had a chance to put the pieces together, she grasped the note, which read “Will you marry me?”

Ben was on one knee. And with it, a 100-year-old diamond ring. The proposal ring was a family heirloom, originally belonging to Ben’s great-grandmother.

Photographer: Emily Pogozelski

The diamond was fragile and was not expected to hold up to everyday wear. Ben had booked an appointment with Doug at E.B. Horn in Downtown Crossing to find a more suitable ring. After a big congratulations, Doug had a set of options ready, and Giuliana was able to find the perfect ring for her: a sapphire hugged by two diamonds.

Photographer: Emily Pogozelski

Charmed by its history (and Doug’s knowledge) E.B. Horn became their go-to destination for jewelry. Including their wedding rings and earrings for the big day.


A Fall-tastic Wedding

Photographer: Emily Pogozelski

When it came to throwing a wedding, all 2020’s curveballs were no match for the couple’s devotion to one another. Moving the celebration to mid-October simply set the scene for a perfect Fall day alongside Lake Champlain.

Their lives have changed a lot since that first encounter: new jobs, a new home, a new marriage.  But the foundations of their relationship: the passions, smiles and, of course, Ranger, remain strong.