Our Picks of the Patch this Season

Everyone has a favorite activity or aspect of the fall season: pumpkin carving, apple cider donuts, crisp, sweater weather, and more. But, our favorite thing about the fall season is the vibrant colors that appear as the leaves change. With the changing of seasons comes the evolution of colors from lush greens and pretty pinks to ruby reds, deep oranges, warm browns and energetic yellows. 

If these are some of your favorite colors, here are a few suggestions on how to complement the season change with the perfect pieces of jewelry.

If you’re missing warm summer nights and are hesitant to embrace fall, ease into it with these bezel style coral drop earrings.


If you’re jumping into the fall fantasy, this beautiful garnet cluster ring will be the shining star of any ensemble — no matter if you’re in a pumpkin patch or traveling up to New Hampshire to enjoy the fall foliage. 


If you’re excited to cuddle up on the couch with a hot cup of apple cider, this golden stud and bracelet duo is perfect for you. These minimalist, yet colorful fall hues will add some elegance to your lounge day.


If you think the best of fall is Halloween, this vintage platinum oval jade and diamond ring is the way to celebrate your favorite holiday. 


If the phrase “sweater weather” is music to your ears, this emerald diamond pendant necklace is a must have. Perfect over a turtleneck or a blouse, this piece will make you the chicest in the room. 


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