Ring In a New Year

Tis the season – for engagements! Now, the fun of planning a wedding begins. In the wedding planning process, be sure to plan ahead and purchase your bands at least 4-6 weeks before your ceremony.

The wedding band is the ultimate symbol of your commitment and unity. There are styles to suit every personality, style and budget. From glamorous and eye-catching to simple, elegant and understated, we can help you find the perfect band for you and your partner that you will want to wear for life.


There may be no such thing as too much sparkle but you want to be mindful to not overpower your engagement ring. Our experts can help you pick a diamond wedding band that will enhance the beauty of your ring.

Add Some Color

Make a statement as unique as you are with a wedding band that has a pop of color. This type of band can also be added later as an anniversary gift or to celebrate a special milestone and enhance an engagement ring and more traditional wedding band.

Do They Have to Match?

This is just a matter of personal preference and while it was traditional for both wedding bands to match, modern trends have evolved. Remember, the wedding bands are a symbol of your union together and every relationship is unique. We can help you pick the style or styles that work for you and your partner.