The Color of Luck

March birthdays enjoy the brilliant blues of its birthstone: the aquamarine. Invoking the tranquility of its namesake, this gemstone is ethereal, presenting itself to the world as a drop of water from the most magical realms. 


How to Style

This gemstone evokes colors of the sea. From a deep green-blue to a light, slightly greenish blue hue, aquamarines are often as clear as the water in Caribbean beaches or mountain pools. With a color and clarity as stunning as this, aquamarines illuminate an outfit and add a romantic touch to the wearer’s presence. 



Believed to have originated from the treasure troves of sirens, the name aquamarine was derived from the Latin words “aqua,” meaning water, and “mare,” meaning sea. These gemstones were considered sacred to Neptune, the god of the seas, and were thought to make the wearer quick witted and happy.